Following his study at the Art Academy, Theo Paijmans specialised in charting the variety of human experience that takes place beyond the threshold of consensus-reality, and the effects on art, literature, technology, social constructs and cultural expression.

Theo’s books on extraterrestrial intervention and free energy were published in the Netherlands, America and Japan. He was chief editor of a Dutch avant-garde art and fashion magazine. His many writings appear in numerous international print publications, including the groundbreaking anthology Infinite Energy Technologies (2013).

In 2013 Theo co-curated the Museumnacht for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, which won the first prize. There, he gave a series of four performance-lectures, accompanied live by Lithuanian artist Rugile Daujotaite. Theo’s performance-lectures revolved around Russian spiritual science fiction, Russian Cosmism and space travel in contrast with American imperialist science fiction. He also gave a gallery talk in the Stedelijk Museum during, and for, the exhibit Kazimir Malevich and the Russian Avant-Garde (2013-2014).

Theo is also an internationally recognized expert on the histories of early and proto-science fiction. He was invited to lecture at the Cielo Habitado Conference in Madrid (2015), part of the art exhibit ARSTRONOMY. Incursiones en el Cosmos in Casa Encendida, featuring amongst others the works of artists Keith Haring, Mike Kelley, Yves Klein, Panamarenko, Thomas Ruff and Sigmar Polke. At this conference Theo gave a lecture on the ‘alien life-form’ in early science fiction, and how the imagination of the industrial age connects to the proto-ufo phenomenon. Theo also lectured at conferences in London and Paris on account of his expert knowledge of global subcultural, avant-garde and subversive movements in art, literature, film, alternative thought and anomaly experience.

Currently Theo researches and writes about Afro American folk scares, urban panics and dreams of futurist black utopias, their feedback-loop impact on western culture and their origins in the psychological warfare of institutionalized racism, for a new book to be published next year.

Theo is hovering like Baron Samedi over the crossroads where westernized post-industrial nightmares of the apocalypse meet with age-old animistic gods from before the dawn of creation. Theo reads the patterns that emerge from the telluric stress zones of our complex 21st century dystopian society to translate their ripple effects into meaningful narratives of our time.